Arkwings continues to adjust our protcols to ensure the health and safety of our staff and guests. Read our open letter for more information.

Promoting Wellness For All


Our Story

Mind, body, and spirit wellness is our mission. We know that wellness is more than the absence of illness, and that people must take care of themselves, inside and out, in order to care for others.

What if you don’t know what makes you feel happy and healthy? What if there is nothing in your routine that engages your mind, heals your tired body, or rejuvenates your spirit? Arkwings is a place of discovery, where everyone has access to nature, arts, music, social time, and wholeness.

Recent events

Arts + Nature

Our 3rd Annual Frayser Local Arts Festival on October 23 was a beautiful day full of outdoor performances, indoor gallery exhibits, artisan vendors, food, and hands-on engagement at 5 interactive Nature+Arts stations. The Festival is a celebration of talents and community spirit. Everyone is encouraged to show up and show off, so sign up for updates on next year’s festival!

Arkwings Wellness Art+Garden has flourished in its first year, through the love and care of community members who are learning to plant and grow everything from herbs and veggies to colorful flowers. This winter, we will be selecting plants, gathering seeds, and prepping the beds for our second growing season. Email to join the fun.


Upcoming Events

What's Coming Up Next

What makes you WHOLE? What soothes your SOUL? Arkwings has year-round classes and fun events for all ages. See what sparks your curiosity on our calendar of upcoming events!

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Arkwings has been offering free or low-cost programs for  29 years. Your donations not only help us continue our work, but every gift is a show of support for the healing power of arts and nature. How about a BIG thumbs up?!?


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When you pull into the long gravel driveway at Arkwings, it feels like you are “coming home” to a peaceful, inviting, family gathering place. Imagine hosting your next get-together in a space that combines a sense of Southern elegance with rustic charm and hospitality. We’re waiting to hear from you and find out when you’re coming for a visit…just like Grandma’s house!